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We do one thing really well.   We identify and vet risk mitigated Private Investments like no one else.  We avoid lemming-like investor behavior, we leverage our deep relationships, and we identify & provide efficient access to overlooked opportunities that exploit thematically relevant inefficiencies and dislocations. Best of all, we are aligned with our clients because we invest in our own recommendations and we offer the option to never earn fees until our clients earn a profit.


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Led by experienced investors, the team knows how to mitigate risk, and produce quality ideas with talented third party managers. We invest in our own ideas and none of us are paid until our investments earn a profit (at the client's option).  Our goal is 100% alignment with our clients.

Our founder devoted a decade to a $5 billion family office where he was a hands-on private investor. He then went on to co-found Citi Private Bank's Private Investment research and diligence team in early 2010. He was responsible for sourcing, vetting, structuring and bringing to the platform some of the most successful private investment opportunities over a nine year span. He vetted over 1000 opportunities and developed deep relationships with over 100 talented investment managers, frequently achieving top quartile performance with strongly mitigated risk. Quality has always been a priority over quantity, and remains the focus going forward.  

We work with institutions, single and multi family offices (US RIAs and non US) to provide our best advice and access to our best thinking. Our clients are global and we aim to deliver our service in the least complicated way possible.  

If we can enhance your investment choices, please reach out to start a conversation.


+1 (617) 388-0139

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